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How to pay for your next tank of gas

  • We are the traffic we hate

  • We are the reason gas prices are high

  • We created climate change

  • We are the plastic in the ocean, the trash in the landfills

  • We allowed Covid-19 to happen

  • We hate the media but continually tune in and buy the products they hawk

  • 90% of Americans want real gun control. But nothing yet.


How does this happen? Because we keep supporting a corrupt political system and vote for incompetent, self-serving corporate shills whose only interest is their bottom line and who will do anything to maintain their status at the expense of others.


We live off the opinions of others in sociand tune in daily to the social media circus in the media and don't hold people in power accountable. We are always looking for someone to blame but we don't have to look any further than the person in the mirror.


We can't even stop using disposable plastic water bottles and shopping bags.


Recycling is a scam

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