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We Are the Problem

Us humans discharge approximately 80% of the world’s wastewater and plastics back into the environment, largely untreated, polluting rivers, lakes, and seas. Our health is at risk by the pervasive problem of water pollution. Each year, unsafe water kills more people than all other forms of violence combined.

Every disposable plastic water bottle, shopping bag, and a thousand other plastic containers we could easily do without, pass through our hands at some point. The decision to do what next is obvious. 

20210717_154821.jpg the landfill!

Recycling is a scam promoted by the plastics manufacturers and big oil to keep producing plastic.To change the current flow of single use plastic it needs to start at the source.

Stand Up To Water Pollution is a new event series for the Bike & Paddle Club coming this fall. The water pollution crisis is growing every year.

Nearly every lake and river is polluted to some extend due to our inaction and allowing the big polluters  such as all the so-called soft drink bottling companies, cargo/cruise ships, pesticide companies and of course, US, the biggest polluters of all. 

We will be doing our part to help change that mindset somewhat, and also show the consequences of doing nothing.  We hope you join us and BECOME PART OF THE SOLUTION.

Here are few talking points to consider.

  • Compete solo or two person tag teams

  • Stand Up (paddle boards) and single seat or single yaker kayaks only

  • Each course will be different, a loop or out and back

  • Short course approx.1 mile, long course 2 miles

  • Timed events

  • $50 and $25 gift cards awards provided by local merchants/industry etc.

  • First event tentatively set mid-November in Lake Havasu

  • Social activities before event (Meet & Greet Mixers) and post events


Locations being considered are:

  • Lake Havasu Nautical Resort

  • Havasu Springs Resort

  • Parker (Blue Water Casino)

  • Pirates Cove

  • Havasu Riviera

  • Cattail Cove

  • Watson Lake (Prescott)

  • Lake Pleasant (Phoenix)

  • Canyon Lake (Phoenix)


At this point everything is "proposed." There are many details to be worked out but the theme will be "simplicity."  We are also looking for volunteer help to serve as social hostesses and guides. For sponsorship opportunities please contact Dennis Ketterman 406-871-6282. More details coming soon.

If you're not on the mailing list or a B&P Member, we encourage you to subscribe to keep informed to all event updates, cancellations and other news via our weekly email newsletters and E-briefs. 

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