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It's About Living on Your Terms

Every year thousands of people have said, "enough is enough." Enough government corruptness, corporate greed, lying, hoaxes, exploding rent, mortgages, the social media insult circus and opted out in favor of a minimalist lifestyle and have taken to the open road to wherever it takes them. And loving it!   MORE >
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Be Part of the Solution

Stand Up To Plastic Pollution is a new event promotion for the Bike & Paddle Club coming this fall. The water and plastic pollution crisis is growing every year in spite of what the corporate and political song is. "Recycling is a Myth." Nearly every lake and river is polluted due to population growth, agriculture runoff, cargo/cruise ships, droughts and of course, corporate greed and political ineffectiveness. But the biggest villains are US. We allow it to happen. We are part of the problem.

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Support companies that take a stand against climate change. Read their sustainability statements. 

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